May 15th, 2017   Special Offer Gemma

Do you have more than one site that you want to update the design on? I’m doing a buy one, get one half price on packages 2, 3 & 5. This offer is valid for two weeks only!!!

You can check out the packages here!

Don’t worry if you only have one site, there is also an active offer for you! You can get 20% off packages 2, 3 & 5. Again, this offer is active for 2 weeks only.

Don’t miss out!!

February 23rd, 2017   Special Offer Gemma

As you may already know, from time to time I put up special offers. The special offer this time is aimed towards those that have multiple sites. Any fansite owner will know that it can obviously get very costly when you run multiple sites and need new themes, which is why I’ve decided to offer the below deal.

PACKAGE #2: Matching WordPress & Coppermine Theme (same header) – $25 / £20 (UK) x3

Normal Price: $75
Special Offer Price: $60

This offer is only valid until the end of March!

Remember, you will get 3 sets of WordPress/Coppermine themes for your chosen 3 sites. However, if you only have 2 sites, or you have more than 3 that you would like to order new themes for, please feel free to drop me an email and we can discuss another deal.

November 18th, 2016   Special Offer Gemma

Hey Everyone,

It’s that time again for another special offer. As this offer was popular last time, I have decided to offer it up again. So here goes…

If you order…

PACKAGE #3: WordPress Theme – $20 / £15 (UK)

you will receive a matching (same header) Coppermine theme FREE!

This offer is valid for the first 10 people so get your orders in now and don’t miss out.

*UPDATE: Offer has been extended. Now available for another 5 people so get your orders in now before it’s too late.

September 20th, 2016   Special Offer Gemma

Hey Everyone,

I have a new special offer for you on the packages.


PACKAGE #1: Header Design – $10 $8.50

PACKAGE #2: Matching WordPress & Coppermine Theme (same header) – $25 $21.25

PACKAGE #3: WordPress Theme – $18 $15.30

PACKAGE #4: WordPress Media Theme – $20 $17

PACKAGE #5: Coppermine Gallery Theme – $12 $10.20

PACKAGE #6: PHP Motion Theme – $18 $15.30

PACKAGE #7: Icon Sort Theme – $10 $8.50

PACKAGE #8: Twitter or Facebook Theme – $6 $5.10

This offer is valid until 30th September so get your orders in now and don’t miss out.


I've ordered wordpress and coppermine themes from Gratrix Designs on several occasions and I've never been disappointed. Gemma is always so nice and helpful and her themes are gorgeous and always so creative. I can't say enough good things about her or Gratrix Designs. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs a theme for their fansite!

Frederick May 19, 2017

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