Okay so a few people are not yet aware of this so I figured I’d give a little help/advice for anyone wanting to send payments via PayPal, International.

PayPal now charges a set fee to send payments via friends/family/gift. Whether you are sending someone $0.20 cents or $20, it will charge this fee. Fee depends on where you are from. I believe Europe is around 2 euros, US is around $4 and NZ is around $8.

To reduce this fee, (obv depending on the amount you are sending), if you mark the item as ‘paying for goods’ and add 10% to your payment before sending, it will not charge you the set fee, but will take around 10% from the person receiving the payment (hence why you send the extra 10%).

Obviously, like I said, it does depends on the amount you are sending. eg: if you were to be sending $100, 10% added would be $110 so therefore it would be cheaper to pay the set fee for sending to friends/family but if you were only sending $10, with 10% added it would be only $11 so therefore is cheaper than their set fee so you’d send it as ‘paying for goods’.

I hope that all makes sense and helps people out when sending payments and saves you all some money.

Also, if you’re unsure of what you will be charged, you can check before confirming payment. Simply select the friends/family option and before confirming, it will inform you what you will be charged. If it’s higher than the 10% option, go back and choose ‘paying for goods’ and add the 10% extra before sending.